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Quotes and Orders:

Ordering: There are two ways to order our flowers.

    Option 1: United Flower Growers
    Our  products are sold at the flower auction either in person in the gallery or from the convenience of your own home, through the use of United Flower Growers remote program.

    Option 2: Order direct from Frico Flowers, Inc.
    Orders can be placed via e-mail or by fax. Please allow 2-3 days for confirmation. Payments are accepted through prepaid check; or billing can be arranged through the United Flower Growers.

Please allow ample time when ordering to accommodate for possible transportation delays. We recommend scheduling delivery of the product 3-4 days ahead of the day they are required.  There is a minimum flower order of $50 (plus shipping and handling).

Our knowledgeable staff, with the support from our suppliers in Holland and New Zealand, work hard to deliver an exceptional product. However, with any living organism there is a chance of quality issues. Frico Flowers, stands behind their products and we will do everything possible to satisfy our customers.

Frico Flowers, Inc.
51535 Ferry Road, Rosedale, British Columbia V0X 1X0, Canada (map)
Telephone:  (604) 794-3686
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